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Do you know what I know?

Don’t miss the most abundant life possible in this world: Walking with the Savior!

I Know I Received the Savior
Rejected by His Own

Scripture Reading: John 1:10-14

Key Verse: John 1:11

He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.

God chose Abraham to be the first in a long line of descendants to be considered children of God. Abraham did not earn this wonderful honor, he simply believed God’s words and that was sufficient to receive God’s righteousness. The Jewish people look back to Abraham as their “father”—the father of their nation. When Jesus came into this world, He was born into the Jewish family. The Jews, or Israel, were the original “family” of God.

Now we come to the ministry of Jesus to our world. Our key scripture says it bluntly: He came to His own (the Jewish nation), but His own did not receive Him. He was rejected by His own people, those who had been called God’s people for many centuries; rejected by those who had studied and preached in the synagogues about the coming Messiah for many years; rejected by those who we would guess to be the ones standing and cheering that “one of their own” had come to redeem them and the world. I suppose they had so many preconceived ideas of how He would come and what He would look like that they simply missed it. God’s greatest gift slipped through their fingers!

        How about you? Are you being careful not to miss the Savior? Even if you have received Him into your heart, is He part of your daily life? Don’t miss the most abundant life possible in this world: Walking with the Savior!

Father, I want to receive every ounce of “presence” that Jesus has for me. I receive Him and all that means in my daily life! In His Name I pray, amen.