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Thinking Right When Things Go Wrong

Only God has the wisdom to call something good or bad, we’re usually wrong when we do!

Things Gone Wrong Can Be Good
Delayed Good

Scripture Reading: John 11:17-37

Key Verse: John 11:14
So then he told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead…”

Lazarus, a good friend of Jesus, died. Lazarus’s sisters, Mary and Martha, knew Jesus could heal people; they had witnessed it many times.

John 11:24 lets us know that Martha, and probably Mary, had their theology straight. Jesus had taught them about the coming resurrection, but the death of their brother was tough and emotional. It was hard for them to think right during this tough time.

Jesus had to slowly remind them that He was Lord over all things, including death. Jesus delayed the good He was about to do longer than the sisters wanted, but the timing of this miracle, like all of God’s activity, was perfect in God’s timetable!

Do you believe God’s timetable is perfect for you? Are you going through a tough time and struggling to understand why Jesus is not doing something now?

Anyone who walks with God experiences these emotions and thoughts. The key to victory and peace is to realize that when we evaluate something as bad, that does not necessarily make it so!

Only God has the wisdom to call something good or bad. The things we call bad are far too often actually good in God’s estimation. He sees things we cannot see. We must learn to trust His vision and evaluations!

Father, it seems bad things are happening to me. With Your help, I will practice trusting that You see things I do not. Thank You for Your love. In Jesus’s Name, amen.