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How to Hear From God

Do you “practice silence” during your time with God? It’s a noisy world, find a quiet place!

Conflict Resolution
Be Silent

Scripture Reading: Habakkuk 2:20

But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him.”

We humans usually find it difficult to be silent for very long. Have you ever been at a gathering when the leader said that the group would have a minute of silence? If so, you probably felt like me – that minute seemed like an eternity.

Habakkuk chapter two ends with a challenge to all who would come before the Lord. Be silent! The prophet had his chance to speak, giving his complaints and requests to God. The time came when God wanted him to simply be silent before Him! I believe God knew that Habakkuk would never truly “hear” God’s response unless the prophet learned to “practice silence”!

Do you “practice silence” during your time with God? The more we include this practice, the more opportunities we give God to speak to us. For me, I don’t hear from God with an audible voice. But I receive, with the same clarity, nudges and scriptural instruction in which God speaks to me. He will also often bless me with a confirmation of His words later in my day or week. It is so thrilling to our spiritual journey when we experience the voice of God!

To “practice silence” before the Lord, we need a couple of directives. First, the amount of time we are silent is not as important as what happens during it. It may only be for a few moments, but God can say much in those moments. Secondly, take notes, record what you believe God said. It will remind you of the truth as well as encourage you to practice the silence again.

Father, help me to develop and shape my time with you in a way that I will “hear” when you speak. Thanks God! In Jesus’ Name, amen.