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Just Jesus

Jesus, your Shepherd, becomes your entryway (the gate) into God’s family

Just Jesus in Victory
The Gate

Scripture Reading: John 10:1-10

Key Verse: John 10:9
“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture.”

Jesus used a figure of speech by referring to a very common scene: sheep pens and the shepherds who watched over them.

The teaching of Jesus had three parts: the pen for the sheep, the sheep, and the shepherd. In John 10:7, Jesus clarified the symbolism: He was the shepherd; God’s family, with its protection and privileges, was the pen; and those who believe entered the “pen”. Jesus, our Shepherd, becomes our entryway (the gate) into God’s family. If we enter through Him, Jesus declared that we would be saved.

All other ways to get into heaven are a false hope for those deceived by them. Jesus called people who teach these falsities “thieves and robbers.” In other words, those who claim a way to be saved are robbing people who believe them of their salvation. Trying to get into heaven in any other way, other than Jesus, ends in disaster.

The “pen,” in Jesus’s illustration, is the wonderful family of God. It is here that the sheep can relax and enjoy the abundant life. It is here that the sheep enjoy a shepherd who is always watching over them; a shepherd who is supplying their every need!

Are there some sheep in the pen that still “worry” about life? Unfortunately, there are, but what a waste of energy. The dangers of life can only come up to the pen and “act like” they will destroy the sheep. The sheep are always safe, even when it seems scary all around them!

We have Jesus, just Jesus, in total victory! All things will work together for our good!

Father, thank You for all the benefits and privileges of being in Your family! I rest in Jesus and wait for His return. It is in His name I pray, amen.