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One does not “pray in the Holy Spirit” when mindlessly saying a routine prayer

Growing My Prayers
Praying in the Spirit

Scripture Reading: Luke 18:1-8

Key Verse: Jude 1:20

But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.

The next level of growth we must insist on, if we are going to “grow ourselves up,” is in this area of prayer. I have never met a Christ follower who felt there was no room for growth in this area. Everyone struggles to keep their prayers real and fervent. Everyone struggles to stay at the business of prayer. It is my opinion that the biggest reason everyone struggles with prayer is that the devil knows how powerful prayer can be. He attacks anyone who chooses to be a “prayer warrior.”

In our printed key verse for today, Jude speaks of “praying in the Holy Spirit.” That is a buzz phrase in the modern church that is interpreted in many ways. I choose to believe it means a prayer from a Spirit-filled Christ follower who is praying in faith. One does not “pray in the Holy Spirit” when mindlessly saying a routine prayer, either opening a meeting or over a meal. Praying with faith and with inner passion becomes a powerful prayer. We can pray all day as we walk with the Lord, but I believe we need time set aside, each day, to truly focus on Him. I believe there is great strength available to us as we take time for fervent praying. I believe we change our own day, as well as other people’s days, when we pray. Something that was going to happen can be stopped by prayer. Something that needs to happen can be ignited by our prayers.

Father, I want to enter into a time of praying in the Holy Spirit with you. Drive the evil one away from our time together. In Jesus’ Name, amen.