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There is peace and respect in the home where the wife respects the husband and he honors his wife

Submissive in Our Homes
Husbands and Wives – Part 2

Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 3:1-7

Key Verse: 1 Peter 3:1-2

In the same way, you wives must accept the authority of your husbands. Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good News, your godly lives will speak to them without any words. They will be won over by observing your pure and reverent lives.

Just for kicks, let’s imagine a home where the wife decided to be submissive to her husband’s authority. What would that look like? Would she be allowed to bring significant influence? Of course she would; look at the second part of verse one: “…your godly lives will speak to them without words.” In other words, no one has to scream, yell, and stomp their feet to bring great influence in any situation. Jesus was meek and kind, yet so powerful in His influence to anyone around Him!

Would the husband rule the home with an iron fist? Not in a Christ follower’s home. Verse seven reminds the husbands to give honor their wives; she is an equal partner in God’s view. In a Christ centered home, these verses simply describe what is happening because of God’s Spirit ruling in each heart. This doesn’t mean that we can live it out perfectly—we can’t. We all have bad days that we don’t act like we should. However, as Christ followers, we all have this goal—this biblical principle—to guide us. As the wives give their husbands respect as the authority in the home, and the husbands treat their wife with honor and as an equal partner, there is peace and blessing in the home. This is a picture of what could happen—even in our day—if a couple was committed to God’s ways.

Father, guide me, by your Spirit, how to live in my home. In Jesus’ name, amen.