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Money reveals what is going on in a person’s heart

Financial Fears
God’s View of Money – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Mark 12:41-44

Key Verse: Mark 12:43

Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.

In yesterday’s devotional we studied the fact that God is closely watching how we manage our money.  The second principle we should look at in these verses is that it is not money itself that is God’s issue.  Money is a symptom, not the condition.  In other words, money reveals what is going on in a person’s heart.

This poor widow, that Jesus took note of in the temple, obviously felt a deep passion for God and His kingdom. How do we know that?  The money revealed it; not the amount, but the sacrifice that her offering represented.  Jesus knew that her offering was all she had; she had offered everything to God!  Jesus pointed out to His disciples that though rich people gave larger amounts of money, their offering was a tiny part of their surplus.  They were sacrificing very little when they gave their offering to God, which revealed their lack of “heart” passion for God.

God doesn’t need anyone’s money; however, He is very aware of what part in our lives that money plays.  When we give our offerings, He is evaluating the sacrifice, not the amount of money offered.  God sees our passion or lack of passion for the things of His kingdom by the offerings we give.  Where are your passions?

Father, I open my heart to you.  Examine my passions and guide me to a place that is honoring to you.  In Jesus’s name, amen.