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How to be Led by God

Learning how to be led by God must include large doses of patience

Ask and Wait
Don’t Be Impatient

Scripture: Psalm 27:14 LB

Don’t be impatient. Wait for the Lord, and he will come and save you! Be brave, stouthearted and courageous. Yes, wait and he will help you.

Living in America brings many privileges. The advanced technology that we have enjoyed is mind boggling. The things that we enjoy used to take time to make or develop. Now we instantly have most of these things. These technologies serve us well in most areas. There is one critical area of our lives where they don’t serve us well… patience. Daydream at a stop light for more than three seconds after it turns green and horns will start blasting.

Being impatient in our spiritual life goes beyond a simple frustration or annoyance. Impatience in our walk with God can cause doubts and discouragements that hinder our victory. Patience is a virtue that God wants us to develop in our lives – especially when it relates to our prayer life!

Learning how to be led by God must include large doses of patience. If I ask for God’s guidance but then am too impatient to wait for it, I make many mistakes that could have been avoided. We will make purchases that are foolish and job choices that are disastrous when we don’t wait on the Lord. As David testifies in our scripture today, the Lord will come, but we must be brave and courageous. Most Christ followers find it difficult not to rush ahead and make decisions based on their own wisdom. When we do that, God didn’t get a chance to lead us to the “best” choice. Only eternity will reveal how many blessings we gave up due to our impatience!

Father, I make a commitment to you today to stop rushing and start waiting more in the decisions of my life. Holy Spirit, please give me divine reminders. In Jesus’ Name, amen.