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Acts of Disciples

You have heard said, “you cannot outgive God”, but have you tested its truth?

The Acts of Disciples
They Are United – Part II

Scripture Reading: Acts 4:32-37

Key Verse: Acts 4:32
All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had

We see in today’s Scripture Reading a principle that the first believers held as important. This perspective they lived out daily. Before Christ, they claimed for themselves the results of their work.

That is a familiar mindset for those around us in our culture that just want to live the “American dream”. How many times do we hear “just work hard and you can be whatever you want to be”? Surely you would agree with me that we live in an indulgent society where many dream of becoming rich and spending it all on themselves.

What would happen if all the churches united behind the principal that what we own is not ours but God’s? If God’s people would believe and act upon that, then we could relax about our finances and find rest in our souls.

What was the result for these early believers who held the perspective that what they owned was not their own? We see that they gave generously, even if they had to sell some of what they owned to help others in need. In Acts 4:34, we read something amazing that is certainly not true in our modern churches: “There were no needy people among them”. Think about that. Those who had plenty shared with those in need and God’s people ended need in all those who worshipped among them.

I realize that our culture is different than that of the first generation of believers. However, even with the complexity that we face, if every believer could say sincerely that all their “stuff” is God’s, we would see blessings fall from heaven! Look what Acts 4:33b says: “and God’s great blessing was upon them all”.

I am sure you have heard said that “you can’t outgive God”, but have you tested its truth? If you gave of your time in generous doses to help people, would God bless you in a way that you would accomplish more in your life than you do now? I believe you would!

If you gave more money than you think you can so that you can help bless God’s Kingdom in some way, do you think God would bless you with enough money to meet all your needs? I know He would.

Here is the truth: your time and your money are not your own; it all belongs to God. God gave it to you to manage. When God says give your time or money, He is really saying “give away some of the time and money that I have given you”. There would be nothing impossible for us to accomplish if God’s people could unite in this perspective.

Father, forgive me when I cling too tightly to the things and money You have provided for me. I surrender it all back to You, use it all to Your glory. In Jesus’s Name, amen.