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Knowing God - March 2018

The omniscience of God is the attribute by which He perfectly knows all things

He is All-Present
Lofty Thoughts – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Psalm 139:1-5

Key Verse: Psalm 139:6

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.

Any time we get into a discussion and study of God, one of two things can happen. First, sometimes we create a God we can understand. This makes God too small. The second option is to discuss Him until we struggle to believe He exists. In other words, any discussion or study of God will create far more questions than answers; this can possibly leave a person full of doubts.

The Psalmist David, in our scripture for today, reminds us that God is far too lofty for our minds to attain. Yet, the knowledge of God should create a “wonder and awe” in us, as it did David. Let’s look at some of the reasons David was so inspired.

First, David wrote that this Creator God searches for us. In other words, under the Spirit’s inspiration, David lets us know God wants us enough to seek us. It may seem like we do all the searching for God. The eternal truth is: God does the seeking. He woos us to Himself, constantly reaching out for us. To maintain our free moral agency, He does not force us to follow Him. But, short of that, God is on a mission to get each one of us to an intimate relationship with Him. In the gospel of Luke, chapter 15, Jesus tells three stories, one right after the other, describing the hot pursuit that God goes on in His search for each of us. These stories let us know that not one person is left out; every single living soul is eternally important in God’ eyes! (More tomorrow.)

“Father, the thought that you love me so much that you search for me and pursue me is, indeed, too lofty for me to conceive. I simply say, thank you! In Jesus’ Name, amen.”