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Our faith in Jesus changes our internal motivations for this life

God Punishing People Forever
Eternal Punishment – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:41-46

Key Verse: Matthew 25:46

“And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.”

After reading yesterday’s devotional about hell, we all certainly want to make sure we don’t end up there! The Bible makes it clear that anyone—yes, anyone—who calls on the name of the Lord, confessing their sins to Him and accepting Jesus can be and will be saved! The question might be: How does one know if a person truly believes in Jesus and is truly following Him? Our scripture passage for today reminds us that Jesus pointed to our daily actions as “proof” of our desire to follow Jesus. Jesus wants us to feed those that are hungry, provide clothes for those that are needy, and encourage those that are sick or in prison. In other words, knowing Jesus is more than words, it is a lifestyle of compassion for people around us.

No one person can fix all the problems of poverty in this world. However, we can join a church full of people who believe in Jesus and are committed to fulfilling the call of compassion to our world. We can lock arms with these people in doing all we can do to help hurting people locally, regionally and globally. There is a popular catch phrase: We are Better Together. The truth in that is real; we can provide better service to our hurting world when we join a group of other Christ Followers and work together to get more accomplished for God’s Kingdom!

These good deeds do not save us from the fires of hell; they are only the result of an authentic relationship with Jesus. Our faith in Jesus changes our internal motivations for this life. We become less selfish and more interested in things that last for eternity.

Father, keep me alert today to the needs of people around me. Show me what I should do to help. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.