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The Peace Filled Life

No matter what your life looks like right this minute, you can determine to receive God’s gift of peace

God’s Peace – Part 3

Scripture Reading: John 14:26-29

Key Verse: John 14:27a

“I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart and the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give…”

It is important that we believers understand the peace that God gives us. It is not as the unbelieving world around us understands peace. Their peace comes when everything is good in their lives and no particular problems are plaguing them. That is a wonderful place to be in one’s life, but how often do you get into that “zone” of no problems and all is well in your life? For me, it is not very often… almost never! If that is the only peace available to us, it is a useless term to even think about, it seems to me.

God’s peace is totally different, it comes from the inside of us because of His work in our lives. The world’s peace comes from the outside of us, when our lives are problem free. Jesus knew that and said we will always have problems, but we can overcome this by having God’s peace inside of us. God’s peace comes from us believing in the promises that are in the Bible that relate to our problems. God’s peace comes to us and resides in us when we know that we are “in Christ.” When a person is “in Christ,” that means that all that Jesus Christ represents is ours; He brings it to us and in us. Therefore, while walking through our problems and struggles we can claim that Jesus is walking through them with us and bringing His powerful promises to these problems. When we see this, claim this, and determine to rest our minds on these facts, we have peace; God’s peace!

Jesus said I am leaving you with a gift! What a gift it is when no matter what your life looks like right this minute, you can determine to receive God’s gift of peace. You can determine to find and meditate on the promises that relate to your problems, rather than allowing them to destroy your peace.

Father, I accept your gift and do now abide in Jesus, amen.