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The Abundant Life

I have never met a true Christ follower that regretted their decision to seek and find Jesus Christ!

The Lifestyles of the Healed and Healthy
Bread of Heaven

Scripture: Matthew 5:6

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.

One of the reasons I feel fasting is an essential spiritual discipline is that it creates a sense of real hunger. That sensation is not something we Americans often experience, at least for a sustained period of time. For me, after fasting, I truly appreciate the food I am about to eat!

In this fourth beatitude, Jesus uses our physical hunger and thirst as an analogy for spiritual growth. He declares that those who have this strong and sustained longing for His righteousness will be filled! Please take note that in all the beatitudes a guarantee or promise is given. If we develop the attitude Jesus is describing, there is a promised reward that will follow. Here Jesus is promising a “filling.” This could be compared to a large Thanksgiving-type meal where we feel we just can’t eat another bite. In the same way, when a person hungers and thirsts for God’s lifestyle, full satisfaction will come. I have never met a true Christ follower that was disappointed or regretted their decision to seek and find Jesus Christ! It is hard to describe the peace and joy that enters a person’s deepest soul when Jesus enters the heart of a believer! It is not always emotional, but it is always deeply and completely satisfying!

Everyone hungers and thirsts for God’s right living, even though many don’t know of the true “food” that meets that need. The evil one has lots of substitutes – junk food, if you will – that people run after. If you are not finding this deep satisfaction that I have described, try changing your spiritual menu and turn to the real thing!

Father, I long for your ‘food.’ Bread of Heaven, please feed me and bring satisfaction to my heart… I ask this in Jesus’ Name, amen.