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Life Plugged In

When it comes to serving God, we don’t serve God from the perspective of merit or earning God’s favor

Plug In…Pour Out
The Overflow

Scripture Reading: Matthew 12:30-37

Key Verse: Matthew 12:34b

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

This month’s theme is all about volunteerism. When we volunteer (plug in), we move from a spectator position to a participant position! God, indeed, needs all His children to plug in!

Today’s scripture gives us a caution, in my opinion, to this month’s series. Our volunteering must come from the “overflow of our hearts.” If our service to God doesn’t come from the heart, we are no different than the Rotary or Kiwanis clubs. There are hundreds of organizations that need volunteers and there is certainly nothing wrong with volunteering for them, but, when it comes to God’s Kingdom, the volunteering has some restrictions attached. The first restriction is that we must belong to the Kingdom, which comes through faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son!

The second restriction attached to “plugging in” is that our service must flow out of a full heart! In other words, we don’t serve God from the perspective of merit or earning God’s favor. Serving out of the overflow is volunteering out of a love for God. Service to the Kingdom is more about our response to God’s work in our hearts than our work for God! In Matthew 12: 35a, Jesus summarized this: “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him…” When you plug in, make sure it’s out of the overflow of your heart!

Father, thank you for your amazing grace that redeemed me and gives me hope for eternity! I will serve you, with my best ability, because of what you, first, have done for me! In Jesus’ Name, amen.