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Neglected Biblical Truths

Be mature enough to disagree with a person without being disrespectful

Neglected Biblical Truths
Governing Authorities – Part II

Scripture Reading: Romans 13:1-7

Key Verse: Romans 13:1
Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

Most agree with being obedient to the laws of the land. Most of you pay your taxes, even if it is not with a smile.

However, it is the last part of Romans 13:7 of today’s Scripture Reading that gives us the most trouble: “Give respect and honor to those who are in authority”. In our world of politics, “respect and honor” do not come up much.

For us who are serious Christ-followers, we must face these instructions from God’s Word and learn to apply them to our lives. Let’s look at some practical ways we can live out God’s Word in our daily lives.

First, it does not mean that if I disagree with you, then you are my enemy. No matter the beliefs or the political party we belong to or lean towards, we must be able to disagree without being disrespectful.

For example, if I say that I disagree with our president, that is not being disrespectful. However, if I call him disrespectful names and make fun of him, then I am not being what Jesus wants from His followers.

There is no doubt that anyone running for office in America these days must have very thick skin. But that does not mean that we should show disrespect for candidates and the people that support them.

It is disappointing to read posts on Facebook that are ugly and mean-spirited toward individuals in office or running for office. It is especially disappointing when those who post or re-post in a mean-spirited way are people who call themselves Christ-followers.

Why do we feel it is necessary to disagree with people’s ideas by using vulgar or hateful words? We can show our total disagreement with someone without reverting to these ungodly ways.

In the upcoming election campaigns, join me in being careful how we show support or non-support for candidates running for office.

God’s Word does not tell us that we cannot vehemently disagree with someone’s political views. But God’s Word does tell us that God judges every word that comes out of our mouths (Matthew 12:36-37).

Before we speak, before we post, or before we re-post, let’s ask ourselves if we are representing Christ well. Let’s be mature enough to disagree with a person without being disrespectful.

If we offend people because we disagree with them, that is on them. If we offend people because of how we speak to them, then that is on us!

Father, help me represent You well today! In Jesus’s Name I pray, amen.