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“Have you taken the step through the narrow gate?”

Dead Men’s Bones
Take the Step – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:13-23

Key Verse: Matthew 7:13

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

The question we are dealing with in yesterday’s and today’s devotionals is, “Have you taken the step through the narrow gate?”  That is an observable action that we must take to follow Jesus.  People will take note that we are living differently, once we decide to follow Jesus!  When Jesus spoke of the “narrow way,” He was speaking of a lifestyle that looks different than the “broad way.”  The broad road is the road (lifestyle) that everyone is on if they are not following Jesus.  It’s a road that fits this world and its values.  It’s an easier road to walk on in this world.  However, Jesus warns everyone on the broad road that they are heading toward destruction!

I have often thought about the glamorous movie stars that have finally come to the end of their life on earth.  They have enjoyed lots of luxury and the fame that few can imagine.  But, here they are, at the end of their days.  Now what?  If they have not thought of God and His plan for eternity, how sad it is to consider their destiny.  They have soaked up the “good life” without considering eternal life!  They probably thought, at one time, that they were so lucky to have so much!  However, now—at the end of their days—there is hopelessness.  Are you considering your eternal life?

Father, help me not to be short-sighted and live only for today.  Help me to live for my eternity with you!  In Jesus’ name, amen.