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Have you ever done damage to a relationship because of material possessions

The Value of Zuzu and You
Second Greatest Commandment – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Matthew 22:34-40

Key Verse: Matthew 22:39

And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

If asked, very few of us would say that material possessions are more important than a family member.  However, is it possible, like George that you have acted out in such a way that showed your true values?  Have you ever done damage to a relationship because of some material possession?  Maybe a child damaged something you value and your anger took over rather than your love for that child.  It is hard not to let things become so important to us that we are willing to hurt those we love over them.

When George realized, finally, that all his troubles put together did not add up to the importance of his family and friends, he felt life come back into his emotions.  He was full of energy, jumping and hugging everyone.  He frantically searched for the petals he had put in his pockets from Zuzu’s flower.  These petals represented those moments when he was so preoccupied with his problems he didn’t take time for his daughter.

As a parent I have been guilty of similar mistakes.  If I had a chance to do the early days of parenting over again, I would work hard at keeping true values straight in the way I acted and the schedule I kept.  Let’s love others—really!

Father, help me to slow down and care about the people you have placed in my life!  May I love you and them.  In Jesus’ name, amen.