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Your marriage matters to God; go find joy with your spouse

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Don’t Share – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 5:15-23 GNB

Key Verse: Proverbs 5:15 GNB

Be faithful to your own wife and give your love to her alone.

I hope you have read the few verses in the suggested reading section for today.  I like Proverbs 5:18: “…find joy with the wife you married in your youth.”  Note the word “find;” it is key.  It is easy to get busy with life and allow the joy in your marriage to slip away.  When we lose something of value, it bothers us enough to search—franticly.  We might ask for help in that search; we want to find that which was lost!  The picture here is a person who has lost the joy in their marriage.  The world’s opinion is to go find joy in another person.  The Bible’s opinion is: Your marriage matters to God; go find the joy with the partner of your youth.  Rekindle the joy of your marriage; don’t trash it.

The evil one tries to convince us of how happy we would be with someone else.  The problem is, relationship problems are caused by a lack of knowledge of how to fix issues that come up.  When people simply trash one relationship for another, they soon realize that they are right back to those relationship problems that didn’t go away simply by switching partners! We must learn how to find the joy in the marriage we are in!

Father, I need your help in spotting the deceptive lies of the evil one!  I want to follow your path.  In Jesus’ name, amen.