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God guarded His Word because He wanted us to read it as a manual for holy living

No Other Gospel
Who Are You? – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Galatians 1:1-2

Key Verse: Galatians 1:1

This letter is from Paul, an apostle. I was not appointed by any group of people or any human authority, but by Jesus Christ himself and by God the Father, who raised Jesus from the dead.

As we start our study of Galatians, it is important to take note of the author and how he identifies himself. I believe it is a model for us. God didn’t guard His Word, the Bible, in order for us to read it like a history book. If that was the case, we would have a lot of opportunities to say, “So what? Why should I care?” If we read the Bible as a history book, we would read Galatians 1:1, yawn, and say, “so what?”

God guarded His word because He wanted us to read it, not as history, but as a manual for holy living. The principles behind everything we read can fit into our lives today! To read how Paul identified himself is important because it is a model for how we ought to identify ourselves. Let’s look at Paul’s view of himself.

In verse one Paul said he was, “…sent not from men nor by men, but by Jesus Christ…” (Galatians 1:2). Why did Paul say these words? What was so critical about that statement that God inspired these very words? First, God wanted us to know that His children live with great purpose. Just like Paul, we are “sent” out each day for a purpose. We go to work (or any activity that’s on your agenda for today) knowing we go as if we are working for the Lord (Colossians 3:23-24). Can you see what purpose your life holds for the day? Your day’s activities should not be looked at as random or originating from man. Whisper to God, “I’m sent by you and will be used by you!” (Continued)

Father, as your child, I live with your values and will live each day with a purpose. In Jesus’ name, amen.