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A calling from God is normally affirmed by God’s people.

God’s Call:
Confirmed by Others

Scripture Reading:  Acts 15:36-41

Key Verse:  Acts 15:40

But Paul chose Silas and left, commended by the brothers to the grace of the Lord.

Today’s scripture tells about missionaries being “commended by the brothers” to go do the work God called them to do.  In other words, the people around the called ones affirmed their “gifts and calling.”  The Apostle Paul was one of these missionaries being confirmed.  Even this great apostle submitted to the confirmation of the church.

            When we receive a calling, if it is really from God, then God’s people will recognize it and confirm it.  If we have a “feeling” or thought that God is nudging us in some direction, but don’t seem to get any confirmation from other believers, we should slow down!  Over the years there are few exceptions to this principle.  Our church talks about the “gifts and graces” to accomplish a mission.  It is not always easy for us to evaluate ourselves when it comes to our own “gifts and graces.”  We need confirmation from other believers.

            We are not sure what it looked like when the “brothers commended the Apostle Paul and Silas to the grace of the Lord.”  But the church had a say in the process and encouraged these men along their way.  This is what will happen when a calling is truly from God—the church will encourage it.  Whenever we have to do a lot of promoting of ourselves to get anyone’s attention, it is a sign that we should wait on the Lord.  God is able to promote us and bring the confirmation of His other children!  Wait on the Lord.

Father, thank you for wanting to use me in your kingdom.  I will wait on you to unfold the next step in the journey and bring the confirmation.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.