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Grumbling is really a way of expressing our displeasure with God

Grumbling is Against God
God Won’t Provide – Part 2

Scripture Reading:  Exodus 16:1-8    

Key Verse: Exodus 16:2

In the desert the whole community grumbled against Moses and Aaron.

Grumbling is really a way of expressing our displeasure with God.  That statement is only true for Christ followers who believe God is in charge of our lives.  An unbeliever complains about problems and circumstances; they have not believed that God is their Father.  But we believers proclaim that God our Father will watch over us and care for us!  When we grumble, we are grumbling against God.  Our discontent, even if we are not intending it to, insults God’s care for us!

Grumbling is against God if you are His child.  A grumbler is basically saying, “I don’t like the way my Father is caring for me” or “I don’t believe my Father will work this problem out in a way that will bless me.”  Our present circumstances are events that challenge our faith in our Father’s care.  In the days before He works everything out for our good, He is listening to our words.  Are your words full of praise and trust in God?  Do you ever find yourself murmuring in a negative way about your present circumstances?  Let’s determine to catch ourselves and demand a better response to life.  God deserves better!  Let’s determine to never fall into the camp of grumblers!  Let’s praise God even when life doesn’t make sense!  (Continued)

Father, I request your help in catching myself talking in negative terms.  Help me be a positive, faith-filled person.  In Jesus’  name, amen.