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The Bible tries to convince us not to buy into the world’s cheap values

Glorious Riches – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Philippians 4

Key Verse: Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

If you are a sports fan you know the difference when you compare a professional athlete and a high school rookie.  If you are into opera, you know the quality of a professional compared to a beginner in training.  A professional in any area of life will bring a richness that amazes those that are spectators.  The richness of life is often found in these and other areas that have nothing to do with money.  Maybe you could relate these thoughts to a vacation you were on and you experienced some beautiful moment that thrilled you; the Grand Canyon or an Alaskan landscape.

The Bible tries to convince us not to buy into the world’s cheap values!  We all need some money to survive, but our world has glorious riches that have nothing to do with money.  People with deep pockets often have shallow relationships.  They don’t feel blessed when this is their reality.  When you read that God has glorious riches, don’t relate it all to our bank accounts.  To enjoy peace of mind, deep relationships with family and friends are “riches” money can’t buy.  To lay your head on a pillow and know that your sins are forgiven is “glorious riches.”

God is our provider.  Don’t overlook His provisions just because they don’t come as dollar bills!

Father, I want to be rich in your economy.  Bless me with your glorious riches—those things that are of eternal value.  In Jesus’ name, amen.