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I’m glad to know that God will not treat me as I deserve; yes, mercy does feel good!

Growing Our Tolerance
Mercy Feels Good

Scripture: Matthew 5:7

Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.

Another benefit of the beatitudes is that those who follow their guidelines receive mercy. Mercy feels good because we need it so badly. The term mercy is used when someone deserves a harsh treatment, but receives a lighter judgment. A criminal standing before a judge knows what he deserves so he is thrilled if the judge shows mercy.

You and I see our own faults clearly, each and every day. If we are honest, most of us walk around with a deep feeling that we deserve to be punished for our sinful behaviors. Our habits and hang-ups, especially when they are created by our own dumb choices, cause us to think that surely God will “lower the boom” on us. But God’s Word paints another picture…the picture of a merciful God.

The Psalmist David wrote: Psalm 103:10 – he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. That sounds great to me! I’m glad to know that God will not treat me as I deserve. Yes, mercy does feel good!

To enjoy this offer of mercy we must believe it to be true. That is very difficult for many people. To believe that a Holy God can consider our lives and show this wonderful mercy could be quite a challenge for some to believe. How sad! We have a gracious God who wants to bless us with His mercy, gets rejected because of unbelief! Let me challenge you today to rejoice in God’s mercy and reject the devil’s suggestions of condemnation. God is on your side – Rejoice!

Father, I am going to live today in the reality of your mercy. I thank you for it – it does feel good! In Jesus’ name, amen.