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Teach Us to Pray

Jesus taught His disciples to pray; He wanted them to honor God as holy!

Prayer Establishes Our Reverence for God

Scripture Reading: Psalm 145:1-7

Key Verse: Matthew 6:9

“This, then, is how you should pray:
” ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name’”

As usual, Webster helps us understand this word, hallowed. He says: “to make or honor as holy.” When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He wanted them to honor God as holy! Indeed, our prayers should establish our reverence for God. Jesus understood how easy it would be for His followers to start and finish their prayers with requests for God’s favors. That would be establishing God as Santa Claus, but not a Holy God worthy of much more!

So, after we establish our relationship with God as our Father, we are to reverence Him. We may use different words. Hallowed is a good word, but some may understand the word holy or reverent more easily. The concept is what is important. How do we make sure our prayers are biblically balanced, thus effective and pleasing? The answer is easy: follow the model. Once you say your own words for the concept of “hallowed,” then stop and meditate. Think about God’s holy nature. Realize He is faultless and blameless. Focus for a few moments on the fact that He is perfect, thus worthy of your praise and worship.

In my opinion, following this model creates a prayer time that enriches you and honors God. It is a model that Jesus gave. He gave it twice, in two different settings. He repeated the exact words. Surely Jesus felt they were the right words and wanted His followers to really get it! I know that many memorize it and repeat it without heartfelt thought, but that abuse doesn’t change its relevancy. Use it and be blessed!

Father, I honor you as a holy God, deserving of my reverence and worship. Your judgments are without fault. I’ll live out my life with you in mind. In Jesus’ Name, amen.