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Get Smart January 2019

God’s Word promises us great protection when we follow His directions and commands


Scripture Reading: Psalm 119:34-40

Key Verse: Psalm 119:34

Give me understanding, and I will keep your law and obey it with all my heart.

Have you ever told someone something important to you only to quickly realize that they do not understand? Maybe you have been the one that does not understand no matter how many times you are told? The definition of understanding is: the ability to understand something; comprehension; perceiving the intended meaning of something. In raising children, this can be one of the most frustrating concepts, because we can see it in their eyes when they just don’t “understand!” We love them, we want them to understand so that they will “choose” accordingly. But sometimes, understanding comes from the “ouch” moments in life, when our experiences are what brings about a deep level of understanding.

Trusting in someone else’s understanding of something that we have yet to experience is difficult to say the least, even when we are well past our youth! Especially if you do not trust the giver. For some, our flesh pulls us towards the “danger zone” with great force, leaving us to feel that we are destined to learn all lessons in life the hard way. This is simply not true for the heart that seeks after God. His Word promises us great protection when we follow His directions and commands. If you find yourself re-visiting the “danger zone” often, despite your knowledge of God’s precepts and commands, ask yourself if you trust the giver?

Lord, help me this day to trust you – the giver of all good things in life! I pray that my life is a living example of what trusting you through the hard times looks like. May YOU get all the glory for the peace that passes all understanding!