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The Abundant Life

We must all continually dig deeper into the things of God; as we do, God’s voice gets clearer and louder!

How to Hear from God

Scripture: Luke 8:13

Those on the rock are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing they fall away.

As we continue to look at Jesus’ illustration of the farmer and his seed, we see a second kind of soil… shallow. Shallow soil gives quick reception to the seed, but soon dies because the seed can’t develop roots.

Jesus explains that some people say yes to God’s Word quickly and easily. Unfortunately, they stop listening soon after they accept the initial Word of God. Maybe it is like those who respond quickly because of their burden of guilt. But, once the guilt is gone, they run back into the old lifestyle. This can become a repeating cycle… a cycle of defeat!

Jesus is making the point that discipleship must follow close behind a first time conversion. Opportunities to learn more and grow deeper in the things of God must be taken advantage of! If we are going to continue to hear from God, we must continue to seek Him.

As we prepare to hear from God, this second kind of soil must be dealt with, thoroughly! Shallow soil comes from lack of attention and intention. We must all continually dig deeper into the things of God. As we do, God’s voice gets clearer and louder! This probably means, to most of us, that we must move beyond simply reading the Bible, to studying the Bible. Our Christian bookstores are full of personal Bible study guides. We will also need to get connected to a small group of other believers that will encourage our growth in God.

Father, I want to hear you when you speak to me… I will do my part in this process. In Jesus’ Name, amen.