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Joy to the World

God answers all our prayers with His best answer… which often differs from what we thought would be best

Joy is Our Strength
Go, No, Slow

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 11:1-6

Key Verse: Nehemiah 8:10
“… for the joy of the Lord is your strength!”

Jesus’s instructions to us, as we said in yesterday’s devotional, is for us to ask for anything in Jesus’s Name.

Today I want to answer the question: Does that mean I can expect to have all my prayers answered, if I pray in Jesus’s Name? Yes, that is Jesus’s promise, and you can believe it because He never lies.

Does this mean that I get whatever I want? No, God answers our prayers with His best answer. His best answer often differs from what we think is a good answer.

We often say things like “God didn’t answer my prayers about that request”. That is not true; God answers all our prayers. However, some answers are not be what we expect.

I have heard of a good way to remember how God answers all His children’s prayers; this may help you. There are three answers that all prayers receive.

One way that God answers our prayers is “GO”. “Go” means His answer is “yes”, and you can expect God to fulfill your desires at once or very soon.

A second way that God answers prayers is “NO”. This is a great answer from our Heavenly Father because He is too much in love with us to give us something that is not good for us. Although sometimes it is not easy, rejoice over God’s “no’s” as much as His “yes’s”!

The third way that God may answer our prayers is “SLOW”. In this answer, God is telling us to patiently wait for the answer. “Slow” is about God’s perfect timing to answer our prayers. Most of us, who have walked with the Lord for a while have rejoiced over God’s answer of “slow” because we later realize how perfect His timing is.

As you pray, I hope you can remember these three ways God answers your requests to Him: Go, No, Slow. All three are great answers from God, because all three come from a God who knows all, sees our futures, and loves us more than we can imagine!

I hope you will look forward to your times of prayer with a renewed anticipation that you are talking to a God that listens and answers all your prayers. Trust that His answers are the best answers and thank Him for it.

Father, thank you for hearing all my prayers and answering all my requests. I trust your answers. In Jesus’s Name I pray, amen.