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Our anger level depends on how we have learned to handle disappointment

Keep Your Cool
The Source of Anger – Part 1

Scripture Reading: James 4:1-6

Key Verse: James 4:1

What is causing the quarrels and fights among you? Don’t they come from the evil desires at war within you?

Our scripture in James chapter four asks and answers the question of where our anger comes from. In James 4:1 we are reminded that our anger comes from desires that battle within us. We want life to go in one direction and it suddenly takes a turn that goes against our desires; this usually includes another person. The circumstances and/or a person become the source of our anger.

At the center of our anger is disappointment in the way a person is acting or talking to us. It also might be disappointment in the circumstances that have developed. Our anger level depends on how we have learned to handle disappointment. A person that has been raised in a home that allowed them to get his or her way because of an angry fit feels that anger works well for them. Unfortunately, that same angry fit doesn’t work so well in adult life. Though it is true that angry people may seem to get their way at times, the truth is, people avoid them and employers try to get rid of them!

Becoming angry over disappointments will lead to the destruction of close relationships. It gets tiring to always be dealing with a person that continually gets angry over the little disappointments in life. The good news is: God gives help to those who will turn to Him, seeking His forgiveness and grace!

Father, I want to handle disappointments with your grace. Grant me strength for today’s battles. In Jesus’ name, amen.