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How to Hear From God

Webster defines the word nudge as “to touch or push gently;” God uses nudges!

Is It Really God?
A Nudge

Scripture Reading: Acts 16:9-10

During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them.

Webster defines the word nudge as “to touch or push gently.” We normally use it in directing people in a certain direction. Especially while walking with a child, we’ll nudge them to the right or left.

As we talked earlier this month, God uses nudges to point us in the right direction. These “God-nudges” are normally gentle touches in our minds. Learning to recognize them and trust them is the challenge of this week’s devotionals.

One thing we should understand is that these nudges from God come in many forms. Our scripture today speaks of a nudge that came to the Apostle Paul in the form of a vision at night. God was pointing Paul to a place to preach the Good News. God directed Paul away from two other places by using other methods or nudging.

There is a caution that should be made at this point. Nudges need our attention and appropriate action. If we never pay attention to God’s nudges, they stop coming our way. God uses what works in us. He knows us intimately. Some of God’s children are either too skeptical or fearful to follow a nudge. These “children” might be called 2 x 4 followers, that is, God has to hit them with a 2 x 4 to get their attention and direct them. If you want to be led by nudges rather than 2 x 4s, be sure to respond to the nudges.

Father, I’ll be listening and actively attentive to your leadership today. Give me a nudge and I’ll follow. In Jesus’ Name, amen.