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Let Love Lead

Once you are a Christ-follower, all that you do becomes a work for God as you dedicate it to Him

Let Love Lead
… In Our Service to God – Part I

Scripture Reading: Colossians 3:1-17

Key Verse: Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.

One of the virtues of Christ that grows strong in every Christ-follower is the desire to serve God and His Church.

Please understand that in God’s eyes, our service or work can happen anywhere, when we have the mindset that our work is for the Lord. That means work both inside and outside the church.

Far too many lay people feel that if they do not have a “job” inside the church, they really are not working for the Lord. That is such a lie of the evil one!

Once we are Christ-followers, all that we do becomes a work for God, if we dedicate our work to Him. Whether it is an office job, a factory job, a low-level job, or a top-level management position, if we dedicate that job to the Lord and go to it every day with the attitude that we are going to do that job like it is a job for the Lord… this is becomes “ministry”.

What does it look like to “work as to the Lord”? Our Key Verse makes the answer very clear… we do our work “heartily”. That means do all your work with enthusiasm.

Again, to make this happen we must discipline our minds to see each day as a day to work for the Lord. When our work is boring or we have a boss who is tough to work for, then it is not easy to keep our enthusiasm up. But with every challenge the scriptures give us, God gives us what we need to do it. Since the Bible tells us to do our work with enthusiasm, then we should ask for and expect that God will help us do just that!

When we think about what it looks like to do our work “as for the Lord”, surely it includes doing our work with integrity.

If we could see the Lord watching over us, would we do anything half-heartedly or skimp on the details?

Would a Christ-follower stop working early just because everyone else is? If that happens often, then surely that worker has lost their sense of “working for the Lord”!

When a Christ-follower has made a commitment to do their job with excellence, as unto the Lord, they are one of the best employees around.

I found in my short stint as a factory worker during my college days that working unto the Lord did not make me popular with the other employees.

Worldly opinion among many workers, in all types of work, seems to be about making as much money as one can while doing as little work possible. That simply does not fit a Christ-follower’s view of their daily work.

Join me in renewing our commitment to see our work as work for God.

Father, I need Your help in seeing my work as work for You. Open my eyes so I can see through Your perspective. I ask this in Jesus’s Name, amen.