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God Asks: Deal or No Deal?

Pray for spiritual discernment so you can spot deceiving messages and voices of our world

Hard Choices
Standing Firm

Scripture Reading: Matthew 24:1-14

Key Verse: Matthew 24:12-13

”Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

The first 14 verses of Matthew, chapter 24, tell us about future hard choices. First, deceivers will come across our path, trying to get us to believe instructions other than the Bible. Undoubtedly, these deceivers will mix in a little truth with their false message. Jesus told His disciples that many will be deceived. We are living in the beginning days of this and need God’s Holy Spirit in us to help us. Pray for spiritual discernment so you can spot deceiving messengers and their false teaching.

Next Jesus warns about the pain that will come our way because of war and turmoil between the nations of the world. Surely all of us sense that this is happening in increasing measures in our lifetime. We don’t know what hard choices might come our way because of this, but they are coming; we must stay diligent in our prayers and Bible study.

Jesus goes on to the unpleasant era when Christ followers will be persecuted. Jesus tells us that during these days, many will be put to death because of their faith. We’ll be hated by all nations because of our faith in Jesus. Even now you and I can speak of God without too much turmoil but bring Jesus up in a conversation and it will usually be a different reaction. If we point toward Jesus as our only hope and as the Savior of this world, many will reject and attack us. We will be confronted with hard choices when speaking to others about Jesus. Are you ready?

Father, in my weakness I am made strong in you. I will trust your strength in me when I face the hard choices of this day. In Jesus’ Name, amen.