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How to be Led by God

The path of one whose conscience is ‘under-used’ will be littered with hardships and damaged relationships!

Follow Your Conscience
Right Living Recognized

Scripture: 1 Samuel 24:17

“You are more righteous than I,” he said. “You have treated me well, but I have treated you badly.”

As our story unfolds in 1 Samuel 24, David now goes outside the cave, after letting Saul live, and yells at him. David shows the corner of the robe he had cut off Saul’s robe to prove his words. David tried to reason with Saul to help him understand that God was on David’s side and had anointed him to be king. Saul wept…and in these few sane moments, seemed to understand the hand of God in David’s life. Saul acknowledged David’s anointing and declared that he would rule in Israel.

Following one’s conscience always wins out in the end. We may not see the results as clearly as David was able to in our scripture, but God will reward us. There are times when we question the sanity of our own conscience. Sometimes we feel that we’ve done nothing wrong, yet we feel guilty. But overall, when we determine to follow our conscience, it will lead us into “right living.” It is true that some people have over sensitive consciences. It is far less harmful to have an over-sensitive conscience than a hardened or seared conscience. If we get into a habit of not following what we feel our conscience is saying, it will stop speaking. The path of one whose conscience is under-used will be littered with hardships and damaged relationships!

It is not a fun experience to feel the piercing jabs of our conscience. But if you feel it today, stop and thank God that He is leading you into righteous living!

Father, I want a heart like David’s – always chasing after you. Use my conscience today to develop a tender heart in me. In Jesus’ Name, amen.