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Christmas Landscape

God only wants a humble and sincere heart to cry out: Remember me!

The Manger
Whosoever Will – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Revelation 22:14-17

Key Verse: Revelation 22:17

 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” Let anyone who hears this say, “Come.” Let anyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who desires drink freely from the water of life.

[/dropcap]Have[/dropcap] you ever felt disgusted at a person because of some terrible thing they did? If you watch the news, you have listened to some horrible sins that people commit. It’s easy to be disgusted with these criminals and want them to be thrown in jail forever. However, force yourself to consider God’s opinion of these people. Does God get disgusted with people? We know He gets disgusted with sin, but how does God feel about sinners, even the worst of them?

As Jesus hung on the cross, He heard one of the criminals, who earned his spot on the cross, cry out to Him, “Remember me.” That is all it took for Jesus to assure him that he would be with Jesus in paradise.

Does that feel unfair to you: a criminal who ignored God and right living was saved in the last few moments of his life? Well, it’s not fair but it does remind us of the generous love of God for sinners.

This criminal didn’t say the words we teach people to say in order to be saved. This criminal was not baptized nor did he ever take communion. This sin-filled man simply said, with complete sincerity, “Remember me.”

Jesus knew what he wanted and needed; this is all that mattered. God isn’t looking for you to say certain words. He only wants a humble and sincere heart to cry out: Remember me!

Father, I can never earn Your love or Your blessings. I fall before You and say, remember me! In Jesus’ name, amen.