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A crisis brings us all to a point of dealing with an issue in our lives

Change Creates Crisis
Mary Was Troubled

Scripture Reading: Luke 1:20-33

Key Verse: Luke 1:29

Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.

This week we will be looking at the crisis that is created when change comes our way.  The word “crisis” normally indicates a serious event of dramatic proportions.  I would like to widen that definition to include any event that causes us to act.  It doesn’t have to be a huge dramatic deal, but if we act upon a situation that needs our attention, then that crisis, no matter its proportion, is good!

I have found that very few people will engage in significant change in their life without a crisis.  When I see people who are in crisis, I am able to sit back and pray that God will use it to create the change needed.  I realize that they may not be able to enjoy the crisis or see it in such a positive light!  I also realize that crisis doesn’t always produce a positive result.  Some people choose to allow it to destroy them.  But, at least, crisis brings us all to a point of dealing with an issue in our lives.  That is a good thing!

Joseph and Mary had been thrown into a crisis.  Our scripture for today reminds us of the troubling thoughts it caused Mary to struggle with.  It is easy for us to see the other end of their time of testing and know how good it turned out.  God is still in the business of taking a crisis, working through it and bringing great results.  Can you trust Him?

“Father, I have some ‘troubling thoughts’ today.  Please help me to trust you with them.  Thanks for allowing me to cast my cares upon you.  I do this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”