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Fear Factors

Outsiders are amazed at the unselfish generosity of God’s people; what an attractive aspect of a faith community

Fear of Outsiders – Need for Community

Scripture: Acts 2:44-45

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.

There are many ways to witness to outsiders about God’s love and grace. God can use them all, but all of them have different levels of impact. It’s my opinion that one of the highest impact methods can be summarized in one word: sharing! When God’s people share their material resources with one another and those outside the community of faith, it’s powerful!

One of the reasons sharing is so powerful is the high value our world puts on accumulation of wealth. Money issues and problems top the subjects on most people’s minds. Our society stays in a state of frenzy trying to accumulate more stuff. This is highlighted by the explosion of growth in the “self-storage” business. Self-storage businesses are popping up everywhere… Americans have lots of “stuff!”

During all this comes God’s community of believers. They start sharing their “stuff” with others. In our scripture today, we see that the early believers were willing to sell some of their “stuff” to help provide for the needs of others! Outsiders look on in amazement at the unselfish generosity of God’s people. What an attractive aspect of our faith community. It focuses more on “we” than “me!” I often witness the fear in people who come to the church to ask for financial help – those who aren’t a part of our community. It is sad to see those without support. It brings peace to know we belong to a community of “sharers!”

Father, thanks for providing answers to the fears we face. I rejoice today to be a part of your community! In Jesus’ Name, amen.