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We will be astounded at the purity of God’s presence – are you ready to meet Him?

Growing Our Tolerance
The View

Scripture: Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.

The next benefit that comes if we live out the beatitudes reminds me of the view we get when traveling through a mountainous terrain. It seems we can see for miles with a “birds eye view.” God created a beautiful earth for us to enjoy until the day we will view God Himself.

The Old Testament describes a time when Moses asked God if he could physically see God. Exodus 33:19 tells us that God allowed Moses to view His back, but not His face. He told Moses that no one could view His face and live. Have you ever wondered why a person would die simply because they saw God? Does God want to be mysterious or want to hide from us? Of course, He doesn’t. He simply knows that His presence, in its fullness, would be too overwhelming! His glory, love and power are beyond our imagination and our ability to take these attributes all in!

So how will God fulfill this promised benefit? The answer comes in our transformed bodies. Our present finite minds and bodies cannot do what our future, God-given bodies will be able to do without trouble! Someday we will see God…full faced! We can’t even imagine what that will be like, but it is our view of God that makes Heaven “heaven”! Only the pure in heart experience this because of the purity of God Himself! People that know diamonds know that the pure, clear ones are the absolute best. We will be astounded at the purity of God’s presence. Get ready for the journey. You are going to enjoy the view!

Father, I can’t fathom seeing you but I am determined to keep my heart pure that I may someday enjoy you fully. In Jesus’ name, amen.