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Knowing God - March 2018

God’s love will always do what is right even when He is accused of being harsh or uncaring!

He is All-Knowing
God’s Darkness

Scripture Reading: Psalm 139:11-14

Key Verse: Psalm 139:12

even the darkness will not be dark to you;
the night will shine like the day,
for darkness is as light to you.

I like the imagery of our key verse for today’s devotional. David tells us that the darkness will not be dark to God. God’s knowledge is so perfect and complete that the night will shine like the day, “for darkness is as light to you.”

When we go through our troublesome times, it seems dark in our lives. We can’t see the answers. During these dark days, our minds run through all possible scenarios or solutions needed for our issue; most of the time our troubles cause us some level of depression. We can’t help but wonder if this problem will ever truly be resolved or have a good outcome. I think most of us have lived days and maybe months feeling like we are walking in darkness when dealing with these problems.

God’s Word reminds us to take hope in our omniscient God. He knows our “comings and our goings.” He sees and knows all the depths of every issue. God knows every person involved in your problem and He knows them intimately. God is steps ahead of every decision they make that affects your life. God doesn’t cause them to decide one way or the other, but He sees it long before they make that decision. Since our all-knowing God sees all these things, He can direct our paths perfectly. Fight all feelings of discouragement or depression. Night shines like day to God. Trust His knowledge and love!

“Father, your knowledge is far too much for me to understand, but I will rest in it today. You know what I’m faced with today and have it all worked out! In Jesus’ Name, amen.”