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Can someone tell you that you are in the wrong?

A “Simon” Relationship
A Pure Heart – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Psalm 51:8-15

Key Verse: Psalm 51:10

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

The Psalmist David allowed Nathan to be his “Simon.” David was willing to accept Nathan’s word from the Lord and confessed his sin.  In today’s printed key verse, we read David’s cry for a pure heart.  David never stopped wanting to be God’s man.  Even when he allowed his fleshly desires to get the best of him, he never stopped believing God had a better way to live life!  Because he was willing to allow Nathan to speak straight to him, David did receive forgiveness and a pure heart.

If your heart cries to be pure, then look closely at this indispensible relationship that David was a part of.  Would you be willing to enter into a “Simon” relationship?  Do you want a pure heart so badly that you will endure the pain of hearing tough truth about areas of your life that are not pleasing to God?  Can someone tell you that you are in the wrong, when you want to blame your spouse, your employer, or a co-worker?

I have found that many people struggle to allow anyone to speak into their lives.  They get defensive and dig into justifications for their bad behavior.  It is usually pride or fear that keeps them stuck in their muck, but a pure heart can result if we are willing to be coachable!  (Continued)

Father, give me eyes to see the real me.  I want to have a pure heart before you.  I humble myself in your presence.  In Jesus’ name, amen.