The Peace Filled Life

God uses tests to show us what we are and know, along with what we aren’t and don’t know!

The Peace-Filled Life
Why Testing? – Part I

Scripture Reading: Job 1:6-10

Key Verse: Job 1:11

But stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.”

This month’s theme is an effort to help keep us thinking God’s thoughts, so we can have peace. We will be looking at the second major reason the Bible offers for the things that go wrong in our lives: testing. Why would God need to test us? Doesn’t He know everything already? The test that God allows doesn’t have anything to do with His knowledge, but rather it’s all about us. Like a school test, when we learn what we “didn’t know,” it should be the key to true learning. The shock or disappointment of a red mark—wrong answer—should spotlight an area to learn and grow in our education. I believe God uses tests to show us what we are and know, along with what we aren’t and don’t know! Test results will be used by a wise Christ follower to grow in their journey with God.

Our scripture for today tells the story of a very good man: Job. God said Job was “head and shoulders” above all other men on the earth at that time when it came to “right” living! Yet God allowed the devil to test Job. Our first lesson to learn from this story should be to never allow the devil to make you feel guilty or “picked on” because of a test. God’s best man was tested. When we are tested, we’re in good company. If you’re going through a tough season in life, look and listen carefully to your own behaviors and words. These tough times will expose areas for you to work on and grow in! Let’s thank God for His constant concern for our continued improvement.

Father, grant me grace to walk through a test and not complain. Help me learn rather than whine. Help me grow rather than gripe! In Jesus’ Name, amen.