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John Wesley's Covenant Prayer

Seek God’s rewards because they outshine all earthly honors and riches

A Covenant Prayer
“Rank Me with Whom You Will” – Part I

Scripture Reading: Luke 14:7-11

Key Verse: Luke 14:11
For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

The second part of John Wesley’s “Covenant Prayer” is:

Put me to what you will, rank me with whom you will.

Part of our human nature is to want to be better than others and to stand out among our peers.

Jesus saw this prideful part of human nature when He went to a Pharisee’s home for a meal. The host had also invited several others to this dinner.

Jesus noticed that the guests were trying to pick the best places of honor at the table. This led Jesus to share the parable in today’s Scripture Reading. In this parable, the host of the banquet asks a guest to move so he can give their seat to a more important guest. How embarrassing it would be to have to move to a less important seat.

Jesus said it would be much better to humbly take the lowest seat at the table. Then the host may come and invite you to move up to a better seat. Jesus closes the parable with today’s Key Verse, which is a Kingdom principle.

This parable and Kingdom principle are the basis for the second part of the Covenant Prayer. This part of the prayer gives our permission for God to put us where He wants us and to rank us as He chooses.

In other words, God is the host in Jesus’s parable, and we are the guests. We should let God choose our place in this world. The world may not see our “rank” as a place that they want to be. However, Jesus wants His followers to have a different perspective and a different set of values.

Also, when we humble ourselves and never intentionally try to get a place of honor, God rewards us. When we choose to take a lower-status position or let others have the praise for things that we feel we deserve, God will exalt us.

When God chooses to exalt us may not be when we want, but He is faithful to His promise and He will exalt us. Never forget that God’s exaltation is far better than anything we could accomplish by our efforts.

We, as God’s children, do not need to demand our rights or for people to honor us. Whether in this life or the next, God’s rewards will outshine all earthly honors or riches.

Father, help me to live a humble life, allowing You to rank me as You will. I trust and am content with Your judgments. In Jesus’s Name I pray, amen.