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Thinking Right When Things Go Wrong

We, with God’s help, can deal with relational conflict without sinning

Things Gone Wrong Can Be Life

Scripture Reading: Acts 15:36-41

Key Verse: Acts 15:37-38
Barnabas wanted to take John, also called Mark, with them, but Paul did not think it wise to take him, because he had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not continued with them in the work.

We have looked at Paul’s and Barnabas’s sharp disagreement before. I want to pull one more truth out of the story.

We have been considering that some things go wrong simply because of life in this world. It does not have to be a God thing or a devil thing. My question for today is: Does this hold true for relational conflicts? Isn’t the devil behind these problems?

The answer is “yes” and “no”. Yes, in that the devil ruined this entire world when he introduced sin into the system. No, in that some relational conflicts are just caused by “life.”

We sometimes get angry and frustrated with another person’s words or actions. Those emotional reactions may not be anything other than living life. The devil did not cause it, though he loves to step in and encourage these conflicts.

Paul and Barnabas did not sin because they had a sharp disagreement.

Sin always “crouches at the door” during emotional times, but we need not allow it to come in. We are human. Humans have disagreements — sometimes sharp ones.

Life happens and we should be careful not to automatically think the devil got into someone. We, with God’s help, can deal with conflict without sinning and without the devil having anything to do with it! Life hurts. God heals!

Our challenge, during conflicts, is to not let conflict get to the point that we start acting out sinful behaviors and saying sinful things toward another person. It is possible to be passionate about your point of view without being sinful in your expression of it.

Father, I praise You for always being willing to step into our human situations. I invite You to step into my issues and give me help! In Jesus’s Name, amen.