Neglected Biblical Truths

Respond to the urging of the Spirit to become members of God’s family

Neglected Biblical Truths
The Urging of the Spirit – Part I

Scripture Reading: John 6:43-66

Key Verse: John 6:44
“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day.”

Many believers know today’s Key Verse, but too often say things that sound like we do not know what it means.

We say things like, “Come and ask Jesus into your heart” or “Just believe and you’ll be saved”. Both those statements have truth in them when placed in the right order for a person’s salvation.

A non-believer cannot just “come” to Jesus nor can they “just believe”. We must keep first things first, and the first thing that must happen in anyone’s salvation is the “drawing” of our Father in Heaven. Jesus made it clear that no one comes to the Father on their own or because of the urging of a friend. God, not people, plays the most active role in a person’s salvation.

I have mentioned before a biblical concept called “prevenient grace”. This term means God’s unmerited favor on those who have yet to become believers. The Bible does not use this term, but theologians use it to encapsulate this idea derived from Scripture.

Today’s Key Verse is one of the scriptures that theologians use as proof of the “prevenient grace” concept. God does not force an unbeliever to believe, but they cannot believe unless God’s prevenient grace has been working in their lives.

An unbeliever usually has no idea that it is God is working in them. They usually think that a friend is pushing them to become a believer or that some event they experienced caused them to believe. It is not until they become believers that they can often look back and see God’s hand that helped them to start following Him.

Our Key Verse describes God’s work as a “drawing” or “wooing” that the Father uses on an unbeliever.

I like a commentary that I recently read that says a person must respond to the “urging” of the Spirit if they are to become members of God’s family. We can ask the Father to send His Holy Spirit to urge unbelievers for whom we pray to open their hearts and minds to God’s salvation.

If a friend urges you to do something, you know that it causes a desire to do what they ask. However, it is you who must make the final decision whether you will do it or not.

So it is with anyone who is being urged by the Spirit. There is inner pressure, but they must make the final decision to follow Jesus.

Father, please send the Holy Spirit to urge those for whom I have been praying! In Jesus’s Name, amen.

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