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Real repentance produces outward, visible behaviors, “God-like behaviors”

Repentance is Still Needed
The Fruit of Repentance – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Luke 3:7-14

Key Verse: Luke 3:8a

Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.

John the Baptist lived his life preparing people to receive Jesus. At the time, some people wondered if John was the long awaited messiah, but John was very clear:

I baptize you with water. But one more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. (Luke 3:16)

The preparation that John was doing centered around repentance. In today’s Key Verse we see that there is fruit that comes out of true repentance. In other words, real repentance produces outward, visible behaviors. There does not need to be doubt about whether a person has truly repented or not; their lifestyle declares the truth.

The first fruit that John mentions is a heart that cares for the poor and shares resources with them. In Luke 3:11 we read:

John answered, ‘the man with two tunics should share with him who had none, and the one who has food should do the same.

Remember, repentance turns from sin and heads in God’s direction. God’s way is generous compassion for the under-resourced! A person who has truly repented becomes less selfish in their lifestyle.

When Jesus came into his own and began His ministry, we see this same teaching on caring for the poor. In Matthew 6:3-4, Jesus said:

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing … then your Father … will reward you.

It was a given in Jesus’s mind and teaching: we must care for the poor around us.

(More tomorrow.)

Father, open my eyes to those You want me to share my resources with today. I will obey. In Jesus’s Name, amen.

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