God Uses People to Care for People

If you only help those who act like Jesus perfectly, you will never help anyone

God Uses People to Care for People
God’s Definition of Caring – Part II

Scripture Reading: Philippians 2:1-11

Key Verse: 1 Peter 5:2a NLT
Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you…

As we continue looking at the detail of what it means to care for people, Philippians 2:3 adds to the idea of “care” as God defines it:

Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.

Pastors must learn to be humble servants and to not allow any thought of being more spiritual or “holier” than the people they serve. The NIV translation of this verse is “value others above yourselves”. In other words, pastors must think of the hurts, time, and needs of those they serve above their own.

Of course, this is true for all God’s people, not just pastors. The Apostle Peter reminds us that all believers are God’s Holy Priests (1 Peter 2:5 and 1 Peter 2:9). God calls some to full time vocational pastors, but He calls all His people to serve each other with these attitudes.

Take note of the last three words of our Key Verse: “entrusted to you”. There is a divine connection between you and the actual people that God wants you to care for.

For pastors it is those believers in his flock. For laypeople, it is a divine nudge toward a particular person or people that God wants you to care for.

As we pray about where God wants us to focus our caring, He leads us to those people. Our desire to fulfill this kind of “caring” ministry does not start with us, it is God’s plan. When we step up and prepare ourselves to care for others, we please God, and He will do His part to guide us.

God calls every Christ-follower to care for other believers around them. Of course, God leads us to care for unbelievers as well, but remember Galatians 6:10: our fellow believers take priority over unbelievers.

When you walk into your church, see the people there as your family, with needs that you might be able to help them with. Do not allow yourself to get negative toward God’s people. They are just like you… imperfect and given to make mistakes. If we only help those who act like Jesus perfectly, we will never help anyone.

Maybe you are asking why God uses people to care for people? Because we are to act like Jesus and caring for others is the result of Christ transforming us. Caring for others is not as much of a command to us as it is a natural result of having Christ in us. Yes, we must obey and cooperate with the work of God in us, but Jesus is the reason that God uses people to care for people.

Father, I am so glad for the work of Christ in me! Please use me to care for other believers that need encouragement. I pray this in Jesus’s Name, amen.

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