Thinking Right When Things Go Wrong

Be careful about labeling something as bad because you may wreck your joy — for no good reason

Things Gone Wrong Can Be Good

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:34-39

Key Verse: Romans 8:27
And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.

I have found in my life that how I label an experience determines how I feel about it.

A personal example is when my wife and I were first married and struggling to understand each other. We would “see” a behavior in the other one and put a label on it, such as “not enough love.” You can imagine what emotions that label caused.

If someone does something because they do not love you enough, that causes deep hurt and eventually bitterness. We had to learn that not to use that kind of label. This behavior was not due to lack of love, but — at times — our upbringing. There is a big difference in how we handled the latter and the former!

How do you label the things that go wrong in your life? Be careful; that label can create emotions in you that cause joy or deep discouragement.

If you think that things have gone wrong because God does not care or is mad at you, you will lose the joy of abundant life God meant for you. Once you lose your joy, you lose your very source of strength and energy.

Many times we simply do not realize the good that a seemingly bad thing is, but God does!

Be careful about labeling something as bad. You may wreck your joy — for no good reason!

Father, thank You for being on my side, interceding for my life daily. Nothing will come against me that You cannot handle. I claim this in Jesus’s Name, amen.

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