Who or what is your means of safety, protection or refuge?

When Fear Comes Knocking
Who is Your Stronghold? – Part 1

Scripture Reading: Psalm 27:1-5

Key Verse: Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation– whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life– of whom shall I be afraid?

My title for today and tomorrow is a question: “Who is your stronghold?”  How you answer that question determines the level of fear you will live with each day.  The Psalmist David proclaimed that the Lord was his stronghold.  Of course, David didn’t write in the English language; he wrote in Hebrew.  The Hebrew word he used for our English translation of “stronghold” was “maur.”  That word points to a place or means of safety, protection, or refuge.  Who or what is your means of safety, protection, or refuge?

When we choose the Lord Almighty as our stronghold, then we will be able to say with David: “Whom shall I fear?”  Today, let’s challenge our fears with our personal proclamation: The Lord is my stronghold.  Say it every time you have a tinge of fear.  Say it every moment of anxiousness.  In those moments, remind yourself that God wants to be your means of safety, protection, and refuge.  This will be a powerful means to resist the devil and, as the Bible promises, he will flee from you.  The evil one knows, better than we do, that God is far stronger than anything he can throw at us.  His only hope of victory over us is that we accept his lies as truth.

Who will be your stronghold today?  Take time right now to invite Jesus to be your means of safety, protection, and refuge.  The Lord is my stronghold!

Father, I turn from all other means of help and will trust you as my stronghold!  In Jesus’s name, amen.

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