Lessons from Luke

Jesus never promised that following Him gives us a pass on tough times

Jesus Calms Our Storms

Key Verse: Luke 8:24b

When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and the raging waves. Suddenly the storm stopped, and all was calm.

Additional Reading: Luke 8:22-25

I hope you have had a chance to read the “Additional Reading”. I want to point out that the scripture was clear about the situation of the disciples: “they were in real danger”.

Sometimes we think that if we have enough faith, we’ll never be in “real danger”. But the truth is, we are in real danger at times.

Maybe you feel that you are in real danger as you read this devotion. The danger may not be life and death, as it was for the disciples in this boat, but your dangers are still threatening to you and your families in serious ways.

Jesus reminds us that His followers will face many of the same things that unbelievers face in this life; His words were: “the rain falls on the just and the unjust…” (Matthew 5:45). Jesus never made any promise that suggested following Him will give us a pass on tough times. However, He does promise that He will be with us every step of the way and make bad things turn into good things in our lives! (Romans 8:28).

In our story, Jesus decided to take a nap while crossing the lake. It wasn’t long after that that a storm started ragging. The disciples (like us too often) didn’t turn to Jesus for His help until it got so bad that they thought they were going to perish. When they finally did go to Jesus, he spoke to the storm and calmed it immediately. Jesus turned to His disciples and said what He often had to say: “Where is your faith?”. The next verse is interesting to me: “The disciples were terrified and amazed, ‘who is this man?’ they asked each other”.

Does it surprise you that, at this point in their walk with Jesus, his disciples are still asking who He was? It surprises me because we read about so many miracles that the disciples have witnessed. It seems that they would have already determined that Jesus was truly the Son of God!

However, think about it. When God moves in our lives, we sometimes don’t acknowledge or recognize it. It implies that we may have similar questions about God as the disciples. I realize most of us probably don’t literally ask the same questions that the disciples did, yet by our actions and reactions we still display an amazing amount of doubt in Jesus’ ability to help us. Where is our faith?

First, let me challenge us all to be quicker in turning to Jesus when storms hit our lives.

Secondly, let’s be quicker to remember that God promises that problems will turn out to be a good thing in our life. However, the “good things” that God promises may be things about our life in eternity rather than this life. In many cases, it’s only in eternity that we will understand the good that God promised.

Father, thanks for speaking to our storms and creating good out of all of them. I praise you, in Jesus’s Name, amen.

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