Teach Us to Pray

Your Father in heaven receives you, loves you, no matter why you finally turn to Him

Prayer and Our Relationship with God
Coming to our Senses

Scripture Reading: Luke 15:17-20

Key Verse: Luke 15:17

“When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired men have food to spare, and here I am starving to death!”

Sitting in the middle of a pig pen with no friends and eating pigs’ food to survive will tend to wake up most people! Have you been there? Have you found yourself so messed up by this world’s philosophy and lies that you felt hopeless? The last thing this prodigal son wanted was to humble himself before his father, brother and neighbors. He had boasted, undoubtedly, that he could make it on his own. He had visions of an independent life without any interference from father. Believe me, circumstances are what drove this boy back to his dad’s arms, not his desires. Yet, the father still received him with open arms.

I’ve been there. Have you? My stubborn will would not break, but circumstances forced me into a corner. With my choices depleted, I finally ran to my “Father’s” place. I finally humbled myself before Him and cried out for crumbs from His table! But I found what this prodigal son found. I received more than crumbs or a servant’s role. I found renewed sonship. I found total forgiveness. I found acceptance that went beyond my ability to comprehend. Wow! This is why Jesus said: “This is how you should pray: Our Father…” (Matthew 6:9). Your Father in heaven receives you, loves you, no matter why you finally turn to Him. He often is part of the circumstances that cause you to turn to Him. So, drop the pride and run to your Father in heaven!

Father, I humble myself before you, I admit my inabilities to earn anything from you, but I come with confidence in your love and in Jesus’ Name, amen.

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