Interpersonal Relationships

The Bible teaches men that being decent, fair, and full of integrity is worthy of respect

Men’s Relationships 103
Worthy of Respect

Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12

Key Verse: Titus 2:1-2

You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine. Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance.

Webster describes respect by using words like: “esteem” and “decent.” Our scripture for today is challenging men to live lives that will build esteem in others who are watching our lives. Living a decent life can be defined in many ways, but for a Christ follower it means to simply live like Jesus.

Typically, men do not think relationally as much as women do. Generally men are task oriented not “feeling” oriented. Because of this orientation, we can tend to use people in our lives instead of loving and serving people. This is seldom our intent or conscious thinking; it just comes naturally. As toddlers we were told not to cry when we were hurt. We were told to “be a big boy.” In elementary school, we soon learned that crying made us “sissies” and that never felt good! So we learned early on to be very cautious in our relationships. It seemed safer to be tough minded rather than tender hearted. Many men struggled (and still struggle) to find a balance in their emotional expressions. This will affect their relationships.

Being worthy of respect can often be translated, in a man’s mind, as being tough, having people fear us. But the Bible teaches us that being decent, fair and full of integrity is far from soft; being worthy of respect will take the best of us and all of God’s grace in us!

Father, open my eyes to areas of my life that are not decent and fall short of being worthy of respect! Give me that strength to operate my life under your mentoring. I ask this in Jesus’ Name, amen.

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