Interpersonal Relationships

Serving your spouse with a cheerful heart makes you that person God wants you to be

Marriage Relationships 102
Jesus Works at Home – Part 2

Scripture Reading: Philippians 2:5-11

Key Verse: Philippians 2:7

but made himself nothing,
 taking the very nature of a servant,
 being made in human likeness.

Jesus took on the nature of a servant. Jesus served others before He served Himself. Jesus saw everyone else’s needs as more important than His own needs. Jesus had compassion on those around Him, even though they failed Him consistently. Jesus knew the desires of others and granted them whenever appropriate.

The second key to revolutionizing your marriage relationship is to become a servant! Not a grumbling, complaining and forced laborer, but a cheerful servant. Will your spouse abuse your efforts? Probably. Jesus was abused. Will your spouse appreciate all your efforts? Probably not. Jesus was seldom thanked. Will you receive back that servant attitude from your spouse? No promises there. Again, very few people responded to Jesus in that way!

Serving your spouse with a cheerful heart makes you that person God wants you to be. We must not concern ourselves with results and repayment. We must follow our leader because of who He is, not for what we get out of it! He became a servant. Let’s follow Him into that role! If your spouse joins you on this spiritual journey, you both will be blessed. If your spouse doesn’t, you will be blessed, and they will miss it!

Never forget! God is always watching, ready to reward those who earnestly seek Him. (To be continued.)

Father, my selfish side can pop up so quickly in my marriage. Please remind me often of Jesus and how He served me! In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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